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Comrade Stalin’s darkest hour

A couple of decades ago when nazi henchmen were marching at the gates of Moscow, comrade Stalin lost all hope for the world. He sat lonely in his dacha not answering any telephone calls, not responding to any official requests. Comrade Mikoyan and comrade Khrushchev at their final desperation went to visit the generalissimo in person

“You came to arrest me?” asked comrade Stalin sitting in his armchair when they had arrived. The two comrades were relieved, because they had thought Stalin would have them shot on the spot for this uninvited intrusion at his home.

“No, generalissimo, we came to ask you to lead the country once again.“ spoke Mikoyan softly, then he signaled to the always hungry Khrushchev, not to eat from the mignons, for comrade Stalin uses them to poison the enemies of the proletariat.

“You really came to ask me to lead, after I fucked up so badly with the Germans?” asked Stalin after a little hesitation. He just couldn’t comprehend why they wouldn’t have him arrested.

“Yes, comrade Stalin, only you can achieve victory in a situation as dire as this one.“ said Mikoyan while he tried to look at the pondering Stalin with proudness and humility at the same time. Stalin’s first clear thought was that Mikoyan and Khrushchev are more stupid than he previously thought. And from this idea he got to the obvious conclusion: He had done a good job after all when he had ordered the smarter comrades shot.

“What a great job in foreseeing this!” he thought “Those comrades would have arrested me in no time. Communism works after all!”
Stalin suddenly realized that life had returned to his soul and body. He jumped up from his armchair and picked up the tray with the cakes.

“How about some mignons, comrades?”
Mikoyan smiled, and took one, he even had a small bite just for this unique occasion. Khrushchev opened his favorite cranberry vodka and they had a toast to victory. Then the three good chums went to the car and drove away to certain victory.